Supremusic: Red Diamonds (2005)

Oil on panel, 11.8 x 7.9in. (30 x 20cm.)
The title of this painting series refers to Kazimir Malevich’s suprematist works, many of which he titled Supremus. Intended in a loose adjectival sense, the Supremusic series are paintings after Malevich, after his style and after his time, though not in a strict mode of homage or pastiche. Rather, the Supremusic paintings explore how non-objective art, including the transcendental aims and spiritual rhetoric associated with the writings of Malevich, appears in a contemporary context. To this end, elements of Malevich’s work appear in spaces that enrich and complicate their program. The results, while after Malevich, are paintings in the spirit of something more skeptical, paintings too reverent for iconoclasm yet too informed to bear witness.
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