Security envelopes, Silverpoint, Curio, Distended Cube, Transitive Cube, Commonplace Book, Scholar Objects, Drawn and Quartered Vitruvian, Octskelion, Cartomancers’ Guild, Illiterati Systems, Eight Lemniscates Press, Purpure Diagrammatics, Caramel Crow, Anamorphic, Flash cards, Index cards, Supremus, Xeriscape, Graphacy, Blotograph, Anastylosis, Sylvanusylvania Archive of Security Envelopes, Distended Cube/Transitive Square, Commonplace Book, Miscellany, Security Envelope, two squares, notes, verso drawings, marginalia, disparate schemata, homeopathic struggles in mnemonic self-deception, Roman rites of passage, Hairbuyer Hamilton, 3=1, the ngarong, hermetic hall of fame, concealment, defense against identity theft, intellectual property safeguard, eighty consonants of pictorial code, 180-bit decryption, revealing in breach of context, Chrysographed fields of dense sub-divided scintillations, comprised of ink, gold, and glitter over revamped non-objectivist compositions, Erased logos, defaced players, white-washed visages, Megatron’s cube, elliptical zodiac, oblique clock-face, parallax, fry-station receipts, self-regulatory juvenilia, fundamental trope, ink, incubus, incubator, inkling, Epigrams, African masks, Garbage Pail Kids, hatsuboku, misted groves, forested summits, McMansions, Title 18, part one, chapter 33, section 713 of the US legal code, fouled up fugue of cubo-futurist content, isotherms, conterminous shapes, fault lines, boundaries, Peircian logic-graphs, horseshoe crab trails, manifest destiny, Imperium of Splotches, teleological palimpsests, automatic drawings