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Frequently asked questions

Do you only paint colorful, overlapping dots like the ones in the above image?
All the images on the STREAMLINE portion of the site are for effect only, pictured to enhance STREAMLINE’s broader corporate posturing. Images of actual artwork can be found on the MEANDER portion of the site and in the company SHOP. That said, if you would like to commission a “dot” painting for your corporate headquarters, please contact our general mailbox; we would be happy to entertain the request.

Is the artwork on this site for sale?
Yes, unless the work in question has already sold. In addition, we have an online selection of minor opera, which you can purchase directly on our shop pages by clicking the SHOP link in the menu. Otherwise, please send us an email with the words “PRICE REQUEST” in the subject heading, specifying the work(s) for which you would like to receive pricing. Kindly include any salient information (your name, for example) in your request.

Is SYLVANUSYLVANIA above doing animal portraiture?
Absolutely not. In fact, dogs, horses, snakes, cats, turtles, ferrets, kid-sisters, fish, pigs, stags, etc. are all welcome subjects. Please note, however, that Sylvanusylvania animal portraiture is considered “trophy” painting and, as such, is priced to be prohibitively expensive.

Will SYLVANUSYLVANIA review my portfolio?
No. If you are interested in working for Sylvanusylvania, please submit a letter of introduction first, detailing how indispensable and talented you are. Only then and only if a position is available, will we request examples of your work for review, regardless of which we will not critique. Please note: WE DO NOT REPRESENT ARTISTS.

I would like SYLVANUSYLVANIA to work on my project/commission; what should I do?
Please send us a prospectus. Your prospectus should make clear what you expect to achieve by this venture, what would be expected from Sylvanusylvania, the project’s budget, and its timetable. We will do our best to provide a thorough and timely response, commensurate with your prospectus. Project, collaboration, and commission requests will remain confidential.

Will SYLVANUSYLVANIA license its imagery for use on my album cover, award-winning collection of short stories, event poster, t-shirt, logo, tattoo, website, and so forth?
Rights to our images for extra-company commercial use are extended on an individual basis. Please write to us with your request.

How can I learn more about future SYLVANUSYLVANIA events?
We maintain a mailing list, which you can join by emailing your contact information to info [at]