• CORPORATE SITE Corporate Site presents the Sylvanusylvania vision as an exaggerated commercial enterprise, casting the company as a boutique venture posed for market dominance. While touring the Corporate Site, we encourage you to take a moment to:
    • Meet our team of art professionals,
    • Discover the Sylvanusylvania partnership program,
    • Compare our broad range of investment options,
    • Explore our employment opportunities,
    • Peruse our Newsworthy archive,
    • Create sample artwork by selecting “Printable Version,”
    • Read our Aesthetic Code and Artist Statement,
    • Interact with our corporate pixilator, and
    • Learn why Sylvanusylvania is the right choice for your art needs.
  • CARAMEL CROWCaramel Crow is Sylvanusylvania’s private social club and auction house. Members are granted access to the stacked sub-basements of the Corvus Lodge inverted tower and may participate in our biannual corporate curio and treasury auctions.Visitors of the Corvus Lodge and their guests are reminded to familiarize themselves with our House Rules (pdf).Participant in our biannual auctions are encouraged to read our Conditions of Sale (pdf).


  • ORIGINAL SITEClick below to experience the original Sylvanusylvania website (circa 2008, version Juvenilia) with it kaleidoscopic Drawn-and-Quartered-Vitruvian navigation. The image changes as the mouse hovers over different legs, representing different divisions of the company. In addition, the kaleidoscope responds to the number keys (not the number pad) on your keyboard, for when the occasion calls for interactive mesmerism.ENTER MICROSITE